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25+ top ranked employers and counting are part of the MyStartr initiative.

20,000+ young people hired
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The InterviewME team was incredibly supportive during and after the interview process. They prepared us with what to expect for our interview and tips on how to land the job! I even came across a few technical issues along the way but the team helped me and even followed up with a personal phone call to ensure a great experience. InterviewMe gave me the great opportunity to sell myself at a guaranteed interview and showed me that landing a job isn’t as hard as it seems.


Alberta InterviewME Participant, 2021

The InterviewME support and preparation experience was amazing. I believe that the preparation really did help me get ready for the interview experience because without it, I wouldn't have had the knowledge I did going into the interview. With the preparation I was able to think before I could say, and it was overall very well thought out to help us youth/young adults get ready for an interview we were all nervous for.


BC InterviewME Participant, 2021

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