MentorU MentorME

As a young person just starting out, what if you could talk to a senior leader at a company you’re interested in? Ask them questions. Get advice. 

Or as an experienced leader, what if you could ask someone just beginning their career about their goals. Their values. Their dreams for the future?

At MyStartr, we’re creating that dialogue. Matching young people and employers one on one. Inviting them to speak freely and frankly so they can compare points of view — and learn from each other. We call it MentorU MentorMe.

The idea behind MentorU MentorME is what’s known as reverse mentoring. We pair a young person with a business leader and encourage them to share perspectives on life, career and the world of business. It leads to some great conversations — and a rich, mutually rewarding experience.

Here are some of our past mentoring partners:

Faizal Kazi

President & CEO, Siemens Canada

Jeanne Lam

Chief Business Officer, Wattpad

Armughan Ahmad

President and Canadian Managing, Digital at KPMG

Serena Nguyen

Director, People Experience and Strategy at MaRS Discovery District

Here's how it works:

Tell us about yourself

Just fill in and submit our simple application form.

We find a good match

A mentoring partner whose interests fit well with yours.

You two get connected

Exchanging stories, experiences and points of view.

We provide support

Creating opportunities for learning and reflection.

And you both win

Gaining valuable insights and a lasting connection.

We’ve created two ways you can participate:

Direct Match: You and your matched partner go through an onboarding and training session as a pair, then get together for five conversations, plus time for reflection. (15-hour commitment)

Executive Fireside Chats: A senior leader speaks directly with several matched young people about their career journeys. (2-hour commitment)

Here’s what young people say about

MentorU MentorME:

“I learned a lot from our calls, and it actually helped me understand that physicians can take non-traditional roles outside of their clinical roles. In his case, his entrepreneurial pursuits. It reinforced my journey to medicine and my desire to become a physician leader.”

Habon Ali placed with Kamran Khan (Founder and CEO of Blue Dot Global)

"At the beginning entering this reverse mentorship, I had many lofty goals as I envisioned a supportive mentor that could support my personal and professional growth. My goals persisted but my mentor Raj shifted my perspective on life. I gained many valuable lessons from my mentor as he inspired me to look into industries that I never would’ve considered without the encouragement from him."  

Kelly Xu placed with Rajesh Uttamchandani (Chief People Officer, MaRS Discovery District Advisor, CILAR)

Here are some of our key employer partners:

Our next MentorU MentorME cycle kicks off in
July 2022! 

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