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Your organization is committed to hiring more young people.

You need them to tackle important jobs today — and to help meet the challenges of tomorrow. You also know you’ll gain from their energy and ambition, from their ideas and diverse perspectives — because they understand better than any of us how fast the world is changing. So how do you tap into all that potential?

MyStartr. Our coalition of leading Canadian employers is connecting with young people across the country who just need a chance to show what they can do. They’re ready to work hard and learn new skills. And they can help you learn more about how the next generation sees the world. They just need us to remove the barriers between them and their future.

MyStartr coalition members:

Together, we’ve committed to hire 40,000 young people by 2023.

Here are the top five points in the business case for MyStartr:

We’re national

No other youth employment initiative has our cross-country scope and reach, supported by a network of locally focused partners. 

We tailor our services to your needs

We can customize our hiring program to fit the priorities of your company, sector and specific markets.

We save you time and money

The MyStartr team determines your business goals and hiring criteria. Then we look after the whole process of identifying young talent, matching them to your recruitment needs and preparing them for interviews.  

We help boost retention

Recruits are handpicked from our unique talent pipeline and ready to add value from day one. And that rigorous preparation process means they’re likely to stay engaged over the long term, helping drive your business forward.

We share a common purpose

MyStartr employers represent many different sectors and approaches to business. But we’re united by our core values and our commitment to transforming lives — and driving positive social and economic impact — by creating opportunity.  

MyStartr makes business sense

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Our unique coalition is bringing together forward-looking employers across Canada who see the importance of helping talented young people overcome barriers to employment. By unleashing their tremendous potential, we drive our own success — and the broader pace of economic growth.

We’re also pooling data and insights as we build the business case for hiring young people who are not currently in employment, education or training (NEET). This information sharing helps MyStartr coalition partners improve our own hiring practices while working with governments and other employment services to inform public policy, shape program development and drive system-level change.

Learn more about how joining MyStartr can help your organization

MyStartr is successful because it’s designed to meet your goals.

MyStartr is guided by direct, ongoing input from the young people we support, to ensure our programs meet their needs, goals and expectations. And that’s exactly why we’re so effective in supporting our coalition partners as well. We work closely with employers to understand their talent requirements and hiring practices. Then together we develop custom tools and processes designed to achieve their unique objectives.

MyStartr works because we understand where employers’ and young employees’ aspirations converge. We’ve developed our team and programming to deliver optimum value for everyone.

We’ve built a digital hiring platform, a youth talent pool and a four-step path for connecting job-ready young people to employers with relevant positions to fill:

  1. We start by engaging with young people to determinine what kind of work they’re suited for and how they can land entry-level positions.
  2. They tune up their skills via online courses designed with help from employers and young employees who understad the drivers of early-career success.
  3. We help them prep for employer interviews with personal coaching and practice sessions, then support them through each step of the interview process.
  4. We continue to provide support from day one on the job through onboarding, training, initial evaluations and beyond, as they succeed and grow.

Driving this process is a digital engine that connects qualified young prospects with interested employers and manages all the logistics of finding an ideal match. We call it InterviewME.

MyStartr includes other great programs to support your organization.

As a MyStartr coalition partner, you gain access to — and help to shape — a range of programs and events. All are designed to promote best practices, encourage innovative thinking and advance youth employment in a rapidly changing economy. 

Here’s how the MyStartr Employer Coalition works.

MyStartr employers have two partnership options:

  1. Become a Pilot Partner: Benefit from an agreed number of interviews and hires through our exclusive MyStartr youth talent pipeline, plus access to select coalition events with no membership fees.
  2. Become a full Coalition Partner: Enjoy guaranteed access to our talent pipeline and hiring platform, as well chances to participate in valuable events — with membership on a fee-for-service basis, either per hire or via retainer.

As a coalition member, you make a commitment to:

  • Recruit and hire young people who face barriers to employment
  • Work to remove barriers and minimize biases in your hiring process
  • Ensure clear communications with prospective hires
  • Share data on recruitment processes, practices and results
  • Designate a national contact person in your organization
  • Support the continued growth of the MyStartr coalition

Here’s what employers are saying about MyStartr:

“MyStartr is a strong and important partnership for Walmart Canada, as we believe that all youth deserve a chance for meaningful employment. At Walmart we are committed to hiring youth who face barriers to employment.We are especially pleased that over the past 3 years we have seen on average an improved retention rate with youth employees that come to us through MyStartr vs other channels."

Matthew Hale, Director of Talent Acquisition, Walmart

“The Source is a proud founding member of MyStartr and the coalition of employers committed to supporting youth employment across Canada.The work we do with MyStartr has helped connect us with passionate and inspiring candidates to join our team right across the country. We find particular value in consulting with the Youth Council to better engage a broader range of potential applicants and sharing best practices with our community employment partners.”

Christopher Delledonne, Director, Human Resources - Residential Services, Mobility, The Source & Brand

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