About MyStartr

MyStartr is Canada’s only national, employer-led coalition dedicated to helping young people overcome barriers to employment and realize their full potential.

Supported by major employers, government and community organizations across the country, we create paths to opportunity for people aged 15-29.

Opening doors to career-launching jobs that help them reimagine their futures while contributing to Canada’s overall economic growth and prosperity.

Our history: the key milestones

2017: Canadian federal government expert panel report on youth unemployment leads to action plan to support vulnerable youth; MaRS is chosen to lead because of youth employment and multi-sector convening expertise

2018: Employment Social Development Canada (Youth Employment and Skills Strategy) and Starbucks Canada Foundation fund the launch of Opportunity for All Youth

2018-2020: Opportunity for All Youth builds top-tier employer coalition, partners with community service providers to access youth, helps over 10,000 youth prepare and find jobs through in-person hiring fairs across Canada

2020-2021: Pandemic requires pivot to all-digital; New digital delivery plus employer hiring systems change helps Opportunity for All Youth support 13,000 additional youth prepare and find job

2022: Brand re-launch as youth-friendly MyStartr; Expanded digital youth support content and preparation tools

Our purpose

To change the youth employment system in Canada to give every young person a chance to carve their own future. 

Our values


Welcoming and inclusive




How we sustain MyStartr

We coordinate efforts and share resources with community organizations across the country, notably Société de Développement Social, Regina Work Prep Centre and the YMCA of Greater Vancouver.

And as we develop new services to facilitate youth employment and organizations’ talent development, we receive direct investments from our coalition partners, who see the value of MyStartr as a custom-tailored, cost-effective way to recruit engaged, talented and well-prepared prospective employees.

Powered by MaRS

The MyStartr initiative and its employer coalition are managed by MaRS Partner Solutions, which helps drive innovation among corporate, public-sector, community and philanthropic organizations that have a shared commitment to creating positive impact — social, economic and environmental — sustainably and at scale.

MyStartr and its various platforms are part of a broader national talent strategy spearheaded by the MaRS Discovery District, North America’s largest urban innovation hub, which brings together innovators to grow the economy and help create a better future through solving real problems for real people.

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