MyStartr Skills Ladder: Teamwork

February 06, 2023 · 5 minute read

“Teamwork is acknowledging that you may not know everything, and that someone else may be able to contribute something you can’t. It also means trusting that others can do their job well.”

– Onyi Odom, Communications and Change Management Specialist, Manulife 

What is it?

Being a good team player means thinking about collaboration not in terms of what you may gain personally — though that can be rewarding — but how it will benefit the whole group. Teamwork is about pulling together to achieve a common goal. It’s about working constantly to support, encourage and inspire one another. And it’s about finding the right balance between considering the views and feelings of your teammates and having the confidence to tell others what you need from them — as you expect them to do in return. Again, these are skills you’ve been developing since you were very young; and the importance you place on them only deepens as you begin building a career. 

What does it mean in the workplace?

Teamwork and collaboration are essential in every industry and at every level within an organization. But they take on unique characteristics in a specific workplace. If you work, for example, at a retail kiosk of a mobile phone company, being a good team member may mean stepping in to help when there’s a long line of waiting customers. Or if you work at a call centre, collaboration may mean offering to help a colleague who’s not sure how to answer a customer query.

Keeping an eye out for opportunities to support your teammates also ensures a smooth workflow and keeps the business operating efficiently. And by bringing together people with diverse skills, experiences, ideas and perspectives, a well-managed company makes working toward a common goal more meaningful for everyone.

How do employers talk about teamwork?

• “Strong interpersonal skills”

• “Team player”

• “Able to work in a dynamic team environment”


Take some time: On a strong team, everyone has a crucial role to play. Look at the following personality wheel and reflect on the strengths you bring to a team. What personality types do you benefit from working and learning alongside?

Video Review:

Resource: What kind of team member are you?

**The MyStartr Skills Ladder highlights 10 capabilities and traits that are really important when you’re just starting out — and that you’ll keep on improving and strengthening as you move ahead in your employment journey.** 

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