MyStartr Skills Ladder: Customer Service

February 06, 2023 · 4 minute read

What is it?

Ensuring that customers are happy, and that you’re providing the best possible service, requires careful attention to detail combined with a thoughtful concern for others. If you think about our own life as a consumer, great customer experiences always start with empathy — with someone who listens to what you’re saying and then recommends the right product or service to fit your unique needs. This is what we mean by customer focus: putting someone else’s priorities first, even when what they want may be difficult or time-consuming to deliver. 

What does it mean in the workplace?

Successful companies know that fostering strong customer relationships is the heart of their brand and the key to business success. By delivering superior service, they boost customer satisfaction, build loyalty and drive long-term growth. And so they expect employees to bring this same understanding to every role across the organization.

Good service means paying attention to customers’ needs from the first interaction, making sure they feel heard. If someone has a concern, it’s naturally important to address it quickly, politely and effectively. Sometimes that can require extra patience as you work to resolve a complaint or de-escalate a tense situation. Don’t worry, your employer will provide training and support for those situations (which aren’t likely to come up very often). 

 How do employers talk about customer focus?

 • “People skills”

• “Able to build strong customer relationships”

• “Respects confidentiality”

• “Understanding of customer needs”

Video Review:

**The MyStartr Skills Ladder highlights 10 capabilities and traits that are really important when you’re just starting out — and that you’ll keep on improving and strengthening as you move ahead in your employment journey.** 

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