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Who’s the best person to decide what kind of job is right for you
and what goals you want to achieve? You are.

No one knows your strengths better than you. The kind of work that interests you. Your dreams for the future. You just need to get on employers’ radar. When they look for promising candidates in the national youth talent pool, they should see you. And to make sure that happens, you could probably use a bit of help tuning up your skills, connecting with employers and showing them what you have to offer.

That’s where MyStartr comes in. We get to know you. Use our networks to find great opportunities – and guaranteed interviews. And then we’ll help you bring your best self to conversations with potential employers.

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See how MyStartr helps you get a job

How does MyStartr get you started on your path to the future? We’ve built our InterviewME platform to support you through four vital steps.

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Are you ready to get job-ready?

InterviewME starts where you are. In school, out of school. Working full-time, part-time, or still looking. And from there, step one in getting job-ready is to talk about where you hope to go next, and how you can land an entry-level role that moves you forward along that path.

This isn’t about what you need to do – it’s about who you want to be. There are three key strengths you should invest in today, then keep on building as you grow:

  • Confidence and leadership: When you believe in yourself, you express your ideas more clearly and confidently. You’re ready to step up, take initiative and help everyone focus on a common goal.
  • Resilience and growth: To grow as a person and team member, you need to stretch a little. Experiment. Maybe venture outside your comfort zone. And recognize what you can and can’t control.
  • Selling yourself: Connecting with employers and customers — communicating who you are and what you believe — is vital to building your personal brand at every stage of your career.

How is InterviewME different from other programs you may have tried?

We don’t just get you to fill out a few forms and point you toward a job. Through coaching and workshops, we help you show employers why you’d be a great addition to their team. And we usually recommend a skills tune-up along the way — it’s all about matching you with a great opportunity.

Matching you with the best opportunities

In this phase of InterviewME, you explore our employer profiles to see what companies are looking for. Our coaches also offer their take on opportunities that look like a good fit. We want you to land a job that matches your experience and moves you closer to your goals — in an inclusive, respectful workplace where you know you belong.

We also share a lot of practical advice from employers and early-career employees. And based on their valuable input, we’re building a learning program focused on skills and qualities that will help you stand out in the youth talent pool. It kicks off with two workshop sessions:

  • Workshop 1: Making sure you’re a good match

    How to size up hiring opportunities – matching your strengths and interests to what employers are asking for – and then bringing your best self to employer interviews.
  • Workshop 2: Your personalized skills tune-up

    An intro to the MyStartr Skills Ladder, a series of self-guided courses designed to tune up your abilities – coming soon to the web in a full online learning platform!

Count on us at interview time

This next step takes you into the heart of InterviewME. Together, we look at upcoming employer hiring events in your region. For any that are promising, we arrange an interview. And then we provide workshops and personal coaching on how to tell your story, highlight your strengths, answer questions well — and stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how we prep and guide you right up to your interview – and after, too:

  • If you’re a match for an upcoming hiring event, you get an interview. We guarantee it.
  • Your coaches guide you through our in-depth prep process, including custom practice sessions. You can also count on support from your peers. You’re not tackling this alone!
  • We tailor interview prep for each employer, giving you the inside scoop on what questions to expect.
  • On interview day, we’re with you in the virtual waiting room, keeping things calm and focused (and sorting out any last-minute tech issues).
  • And when you’ve finished your interview, we’re there with high-fives, ready to hear how it went and share any feedback we’ve received.
  • We also clarify next steps, including whether you can expect an offer from the employer — and if so, when. They may even make one right away. It happens!

We’re with you on the first day of your job and onward.

Once you have a firm job offer, the InterviewME team doesn’t wave goodbye. We’re right alongside you, helping you nail down all the details with your employer. And even after you’re launched into your first day, we stay in touch to offer tips and support, and to help you navigate what comes next — in this job, or the one it leads to.

When you start a new job, there are always lots of questions. We help you get clear answers.

Together, we figure out the big things, like when and where you’ll be working, along with the little (or not-so-little) ones, like what to wear and where you can eat on your breaks.

And once Day 1 is in the rear-view mirror and you’re on your way, we’re on hand to talk about the really big questions like… How does this job connect to an even better one? To bigger opportunities ahead? To all the dreams you have for the rest of your life?

InterviewME isn’t just about beginning. It’s about what comes next. That’s why we’re always creating new tools and resources for your career journey — and more are coming soon.

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Here’s what young people say about InterviewME:

“The InterviewME team was incredibly supportive during and after the interview process. They prepared us with what to expect for our interview and tips on how to land the job! I even came across a few technical issues along the way but the team helped me and even followed up with a personal phone call to ensure a great experience. InterviewMe gave me the great opportunity to sell myself at a guaranteed interview and showed me that landing a job isn’t as hard as it seems.”

(Alberta InterviewME Participant, 2021)

“The InterviewME support and preparation experience was amazing. I believe that the preparation really did help me get ready for the interview experience because without it, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge I did going into the interview. With the preparation I was able to think before I could say, and it was overall very well thought out to help us youth/young adults get ready for an interview we were all nervous for.”

(BC InterviewME Participant, 2021)

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MyStartr never stops

As you grow in your job, we’re right there with you. And as young people and employers tell us their goals for the future, we’re listening so we can build new programs and platforms to support them.

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