MyStartr Youth Summit

Young people trying to find the right path to a good job. And employers looking for the talent their organizations need to grow and prosper.

That’s the dialogue at the heart of MyStartr. Obviously these two communities depend on each other. But they haven’t always felt comfortable talking candidly about the challenges they face together.

Now we’ve launched a forum to expand that dialogue: The MyStartr Summit. It’s a frank, open conversation that aims to push past barriers and open up new opportunities — for everyone.

The goal of this annual event is to share success stories, proven approaches and innovative ideas as we kickstart the kinds of collaborations that are essential for systems change. 

The MyStartr Summit is designed to inspire and empower young people by connecting them to key employers who are shaping the innovation economy — and vice versa. We’re also inviting other stakeholders to join the conversation, from governments to community agencies to advocacy groups.

We all have valuable knowledge, experience and visions for the future to share. Let’s keep talking!

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