March 29, 2021

Online Application Processes Aren’t Getting The Job Done

Applying for jobs online shouldn’t be so complicated. It is difficult to get a response, let alone an interview.

There are hundreds of jobs available, and new ones are posted every day. However, the application processes can be annoying and unnecessarily tedious. 

Many open roles have long, external job applications through job-finding platforms like Indeed, Monster and Workopolis. After registering on the platform, employers often ask for large quantities of information. They usually require attachments, questions to be answer, paragraphs to write and sometimes videos to watch.

Long applications are a barrier for young job seekers and employers 

Breaking into the job market is a numbers game.  If someone applies to multiple jobs in one sitting, it greatly increases their chances of landing an interview. Yet after completing these longer application processes it does not leave much time to apply for other positions in one sitting. This only further increases the problem of position vacancy that many employers were experiencing prior to the pandemic, as reported by Deloitte.

Stressed young man at a computer.

Rethinking job requirements can attract more youth 

It is tremendously discouraging for young job seekers when many jobs have qualifications or requirements that are unnecessary for the roll. Though employers might feel this ensures the best candidates, it will only deter younger candidates from apply. This then leaves many businesses in a desperate situation of being understaffed due to their high barriers of entry.

For this reason, only the necessary requirements should be listed in job postings for early talent roles. Many companies already offer training and orientation for new hires, which help build on skills and attributes that young people have gained during their education. 

Group interviews can ease nerves and foster success 

When applicants land an interview, jittery nerves from 1-on-1 interviews can impede success. Group interviews can be a better way for young people to showcase essential skills for early work, such as; leadership, communication, and teamwork. Group interviews can also save a lot of time and resources for employers.

By making these adjustments both employers and new applicants will have a better chance at finding the perfect fit and create a positive start for anyone who applies.

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