September 7, 2023

Ahmad Ali Yaqubi (he/him)

Research Assistant
My name is Ahmad Ali Yaqubi and I have studied medicine in Afghanistan, I worked for a more than seven years as a medical professional (Assistant Anesthetist) in a mother and child Clinic for refugees in Quetta, Pakistan. Since I had also been involved in the humanitarian projects during my refugee life in Pakistan, and volunteered working at the refugee camps, I became very passionate about human rights. Therefore, with emerging opportunities, I changed my profession and joined the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC). Throughout my years of experience in the AIHRC, I have tried to establish a decent professional identity in human rights. I’m not sure how successful I have been but I know that as a team we have always managed to get to the better position than yesterday. Currently, I’m working as a research assistant with Diversity Institute’s Lifeline Afghanistan.

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