January 23, 2020

Young People Hate Online Applications

Now that the MyStartr spring hiring events have finished, and preparations for autumn are underway, it is the perfect time to reflect on the many conversations that were had with all the young attendees.

Some of the topics included job searches, challenges experienced, what obstacles are standing in their way, and so much more.

One issue that came up, time and time again, was frustrations with the online hiring processes. In every city Mystartr visited, attendees were unanimous in their verdict: they hate the online applications. The reasons were overwhelming: online applications were difficult, they were tedious, they were too technical, they didn’t allow an applicant’s personality to shine through, and they never received any response/feedback.

“You can feel silly when you are applying online…you sometimes think why even bother,” said a candidate in Calgary. A young job seeker in Hamilton recommended that companies not just use online systems but also accept paper applications in stores. “In person contact makes you more memorable,” suggested an attendee from Calgary.

“People are not sure about where their resume is going after they submit it and what’s happening to it,” said another. With online applications “sometimes it’s unclear how long the process takes.”

Undefined timelines and a lack of communication from the business were other key issues for young job seekers: “I’ve gone to interviews where I think things have gone well, but I would never hear anything back.”

It is clear that the communication of “what will happen when” is extremely important and, if employers insist on requiring online applications, young people everywhere urge them to remove the barriers.

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