Explore our resources section for tips, tricks, and ideas to support you on your job journey. From the Skills Ladder Workbook to the MyStartr Podcast, there’s tons of ways to learn how to become job-ready! 

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Creativity and Problem-Solving 

We tend to think of creativity in terms of music, painting, literature and other forms of art. But in fact we’re all creative in a more fundamental way: how we ….

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Creativity and Problem-Solving 

Professionalism is shorthand for the various behaviours by which you show respect for your workplace, your colleagues and the leaders who guide …

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Technical Skills

These are the practical skills — technology-related, or mathematical, or mechanical — that you’ll need to perform the day-to-day tasks of your role. Whether …

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Knowledge of Business

In simplest terms, business knowledge is your understanding of how and why a company does what it does: its day-to-day operations, along with its culture,…

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Self-Pitching

“Pitching” is about communicating who you are, what you do well and how an employer will benefit from your experience and talent. It’s a great skill to practice whe… 

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Growth Mindset

Being ready to grow means having the ability — and the motivation — to learn by overcoming obstacles. This is the key to resilience and to becoming steadily stronger… 

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Language and Communication

Communicating effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. When we look at how information passes from one person to another, we te …

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Teamwork

Being a good team player means thinking about collaboration not in terms of what you may gain personally — though that can be rewarding — but how …

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Customer Service

Ensuring that customers are happy, and that you’re providing the best possible service, requires careful attention to detail combined with a thoughtful concern ..

Networking Workbook

Networking can be overwhelming and intimidating but this workbook can help you break it down to small manageable parts. Learn what networking is, how to

Interview Workbook

Preparing for an interview is one of the most important parts of your path to a job. This workbook is designed to help you understand how to answer common interview…

MyStartr Skills Ladder: Overview 

The MyStartr Skills Ladder highlights 10 capabilities and traits that are really important when you’re just starting out — and that you’ll keep on improving and …

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